Witnessing Now

Why am I so in love with Him?

It’s because.

I have so much faith in Him. I know He is ever-present in my life. Never-ending. Everlasting presence.

I may not be there when He taught His first disciples. I may not be there when kings envied Him. I may not there when people started to believe that there is one God, looking over us. I may not be there when he carried the cross. I may not be there when He died and rose again.

But I am here now.

Witnessing His power consume everything in this world. Seeing the ways He work in each of our lives. Experiencing His graces everyday.

I am here NOW. Where people easily give up on their dreams, I am witnessing how He is there to hold His children up. Where people forget God, I am witnessing how they are revived. Where people are hopeless and sad, I am witnessing how Jesus touch their hearts.

I see in the people that serves Him Jesus himself. I see Jesus in the happiest days, in the darkest hours, in the most ordinary times of our lives.

I see Jesus in the people who chose to fight and endure pain given their strong faith in Him.

I see Jesus performing miracles everyday – healing a broken heart, filling the empty spaces in our lives, helping us get through tough challenges, giving us the chance to live and enjoy the life He has given us.

I wasn’t there when it all started. But I am here now. Witnessing Jesus now. Witnessing now.



Let’s all have a great Holy Week. 🙂